Monday, June 4, 2012

...Was There a Point to All This?

I think that, as an artist, sometimes you need to have what I like to refer to as "tangental train of thought."  To be fair, it definitely helps to be focused and driven most of the time.  But sometimes, you really just need to let your brain off the leash and see where it takes you.

(on a Saturday)
Me: "Hey, is my brother there? He's not answering my texts about lunch."
Friend: "He doesn't wanna talk to you. Said something about a camel incident in the French Riviera."
Me: "God, he never lets anything go."
Friend:"Guys know how to hold a grudge properly."
Me: "He got all his doubloons back and I even replaced the fez. I'm not sure what else he could possibly want."
Friend: "The camel? The hump(s)? The dowry he would have gotten for the camel?"
Me: "I don't know how many times I have to tell him: THAT'S NOT WHERE HONEY COMES FROM."

...and you'll find that, oftentimes, the world works in such a way where it all comes back full-circle, whether you try to control it or not.
(on a Monday)
Me: "Did my brother have fun?"
Friend: "On the ride to the airport?  DUH!  He was with me!"
Me: "Ha ha...I meant overall."
Friend: "Of course!  He was actually really helpful in getting stuff organized for us, too."
Me: "Sweet!  I'm glad he likes [my fiance]."
Friend: "Yeah...they did get in a big argument, though."
Me: "Really."
Friend: "But they talked it over so now they're both mad at you about the camel."

...Anyway, I hate posting posts without pictures, so I'll leave you with some crazy reference shots I took at the beach a few days ago.  I still hate digital cameras, but I DO find them very convenient for taking reference shots of weird patterns in nature to capture abstract inspiration.  Enjoy!

El Matador State Beach

El Matador State Beach

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